Tips for a Great Grooms Wedding Speech

Every rom-com in the history of romcoms that features a wedding either has a killer groom's speech or an absolute disaster scene. As I grew up, all these movies were only interesting to me when the speeches came up, either from the groom, best man, or occasionally, the drunk and embarrassing maid-of-honor. I was in it for the awkward silence, the terrified look full of shame, and most importantly, the laughs.

Yet in all these circumstances, I quickly realized that giving this speech is a nerve-racking moment for newly wedded husbands. Unlike in the movies, your wife and her family will be in your life forever. In this article, I will help all of you handsome, brave, and proud new husbands who are nervous about their “victory speech”. 

Structure for Your Groom’s Wedding Speech

wedding groom giving his groom speech

Many grooms have and keep freaking out days before the wedding as they try to figure out what to say in their speech. While looking for your style, you will want to be conscious of the introduction, body, and conclusion structure of a speech. You may want to be funny and open with a joke to get your guests laughing off the dopamine high of being in a festive wedding. 

You may also have been told of the perfect length for your speech, hopefully, it was good advice. I have better advice for you. DO YOU! Keep it short and sweet but do what feels right for you. If you feel that you are up for only three minutes, then do that. If you feel you need two minutes, you would be right to do so. 

Do not have cue cards with you with the speech written down. It will obstruct your audience and dampen your body language which is 70% of any speech. A good friend mitigated this issue by typing his speech in point form and printing it out in 48 font size. This way he could peep at his paper, which was on the table, without breaking much eye contact with the crowd.


First off, if you may be shy and fidgety, have a drink before you take up the mic. In case you do not drink alcohol, I have a neat breathing trick that will calm you down instantly. Take a deep breath, and just when your lungs have had enough, force a quick breath in, then breathe out slowly. I guarantee you will be ready for your speech with a relaxed mind and body.

Thank the person who hands the microphone to you for his incredible speech. I'll use an instance where it is your father-in-law who has spoken before you. You can say something like “Thank you sir for your wonderful speech and the love you have shown toward our union. I am just as lucky as you are because (pointing at your mother-in-law) we can all agree on how gorgeous she looks.”

Thank All Parents 

wedding groom giving speech with emotional parents

Give your in-laws kind words, expressing your gratitude for their involvement and contribution to the best day of your life. Tell a short story about how they graciously and lovingly welcomed you into their family. You may choose a funny story but make it meaningful to everyone who shared that moment with you. 

Turn to your parents and thank them as well for their love and contribution to the wedding. Mention their support and the advice they gave you months or days before the wedding that has stuck with you. You may also include a special thank you to them for the person you have turned to become, and the honor you feel to have them in attendance as you begin another phase of your life.

Mention how they made your wife feel welcomed into your family. Give a brief description of their relationship just for good measure.

Thank you: Everyone Else

Next, do the bridesmaids. You may or may not mention the maid of honor, but say something meaningful and touching about them. Raise a toast and ask for a round of applause for the beautiful women who have been by your wife’s side. 

Give your heartfelt gratitude to everyone else in the room. Raise your head and address the backroom, giving eye contact to as many people as possible while you thank them generally. Mention the different kinds of support you have received through your wedding planning and the wedding day but do not specify who did what. This way, no person feels left out and everyone is simultaneously left out.

Bleeding Heart Memory

Share a meaningful memory about how your relationship. Choose a memory that can bring tears to your eyes. You may go for the moment you realized she is the woman for you, or when you first fell in love with her. Tell everyone of those little things that make you fall in love with her every day, like the way she stops in the morning just to appreciate the sun and fresh air.

Address your Bride

beautiful bride 

Pour your heart out over for over your wife. Look at her and thank her, and your higher power for the gift of having her in your life. It definitely will help if you get a bit teary and emotional. Complement her beauty emphasizing how breathtakingly beautiful she was walking down the aisle and it will be a memory you will take to your grave.

Thank her for agreeing to be your partner. Acknowledge all the work she has put into the success of the wedding and credit all the work to her then give an emotional pause. Constantly address her as your wife and please, remember her actual name as you address her. 

Strange to have to add this but it has happened maybe twice where the wrong name was mentioned. Give your wife a promise or two before everyone. Do not repeat just what was in your vows, but give something new. Toast your bride and give her a kiss and a hug to seal the moment.


Remember that everyone in the room or venue is rooting for you. Everyone is there to celebrate you so whatever you say will be well received. All that matters is that your wife loves your speech, and your audience is not looking down at their watches because you are taking too long. Leave the rest of the entertaining to your MC or your best man and call it a wrap!!