Buy or Rent a suit. Wedding Decisions for The Groom

Weddings can be easier for your bride because at least she knows what to wear. It is a wedding dress, then she can choose from there. For the gentleman, you have more choices which can make your decision harder than it needs to be. Do you choose a suit or a tuxedo? Should you buy it or rent it? What about your groomsmen? Will they buy or rent, or will the finances be enough for whichever choice you have to make?

In this article, I will take you through the various decisions you may have to make that will get you to your dream look. Just remember to look amazingly handsome in those pictures!

Types of Wedding Suits

While planning your wedding, you will have decided the general style of your wedding. Is it formal or informal? For a formal wedding, you would want to go with a suit. There are various kinds of suits that you can go with depending on your budget and style. 

The Classic Tuxedo

handsome man in a tuxedo

This is a timeless choice for the formal ballroom kind of wedding. This sharp look will give you confidence, class, and an air of aristocracy. Although a tuxedo is not technically a suit, it does the trick. This particular suit can be expensive whether renting or buying, but we have great choices at SolidCharm that you can purchase. 

The three-piece

man wearing a three-piece suit

This is the best choice for a formal or semi-formal wedding. A three-piece suit has a jacket, pants, and a vest. This suit will have you looking sharp yet blend in well enough with your guests. Regarding the decision to buy or rent this suit, I would advise you to buy it. 

The Morning Suit

Traditionally, this is a British suit and also called a Long Tailcoat. This is the most formal of suits of them all. Paired with a white dress shirt, high-waisted pants, and a waistcoat. This is the kind of suit that you can rent as you may probably not use it as often. 

Two-piece suit

navy blue formal suit jacket

This is an informal suit that consists only of pants and a jacket. It can be single or double-breasted. A two-piece suit is also the most common suit to have as it is customizable in terms. Both the two-piece and three-piece suits are a worthy investment. Every gentleman needs a suit to turn to in any event. 

Now that we have discussed the different kinds of suits that you may have an interest in, should you buy or rent them?

Buying a Wedding Suit

Advantages of Buying A Wedding Suit.


I cannot stress enough how good you would look in a suit built just for you. Buying your own suit gives you the advantage of getting a personalized fit with materials that work just for you. 


Your wedding is the perfect time for you to get either that suit you have always dreamed of owning or your first nice suit. Spoil yourself for your wedding. It is the best day of your life too after all. 

You can wear it again

Unlike the bride who mostly gets only one use on her wedding dress, you can use your suit more than that one time. This makes more financial sense in the long run.

The disadvantage of Buying a  Wedding Suit


A suit can range from $200 to $800 or even more than that. Depending on the budget you have allocated for your wedding clothing. Considering that you have your groomsmen too, your budget can easily skyrocket. Solid Charm has great options for you from $75 that will have the same feel and use just as the expensive ones.


 Being that you have bought a nice and pricy suit, you will need to store it properly and have it cleaned by professionals, not your washer at home. This may rack up some bills in the end although I think it is still very worth it.

Renting a Wedding Suit

Advantages of Renting a  Wedding Suit


You will be able to afford a rent a suit that would otherwise be too expensive to buy. This helps reduce the amount of money you will spend on your wedding and refocus the funds somewhere else. 


You will have the advantage of wearing a suit and looking really dashing, then returning it back to your lender. You also will have a lot of choices making it convenient to rent more than one suit.

Disadvantages of Renting a Wedding Suit


Contrary to popular belief, renting a suit although it is not so cheap that you will not feel the pinch of renting one. It will still be expensive for a suit that you wear once. 

Proper Storage

You will still need to properly store your suit before you return it. You may find yourself too careful that you hinder the amount of fun you can have for your wedding. In case of any damages, you will incur extra costs to fix them.

Uneven fit

It is not easy to find a suit that will fit you well. Being that rented suits cannot have permanent altercations, you may have to settle for a good-enough suit and not a perfect suit. 


When it comes to the choice between buying or renting a suit, it would be best to take up this opportunity to visit our store and see how incredibly affordable it is to just buy one. Spoil yourself just as your bride spoils herself and enjoy the feeling of being in an incredible, fitting, first worn by you wedding suit.