Stress-free wedding planning: 8 tasks you can delegate

Being the bride and/or groom, you will be the center of attention and everyone will want to celebrate with you. While you are planning your wedding, you have probably had people asking if there is anything they could help with. It may be tempting to want to do everything by yourself, but there is no need to when you have a great circle of friends and family to help you. 

Delegation is one of the keys to reducing stress and enjoying your event. This will mean assigning tasks to others to help lighten the load such as professionals, family members, and trusted friends. Let us explore some of the tasks you can delegate to make the process smoother and less stressful.



Food is probably the second most important part of the wedding celebrations. Once you have decided the number of guests, the type of cuisine you may want and delivery restrictions, you can now determine your budget for your catering. Research some of the catering options with your go to person so they can have a better understanding of your standards. 

Schedule tastings once you have chosen a few wedding-specific vendors in your area. Sample their food and get a feel for their style. Tell them your vision and be clear about what you would want from the meal, then review their proposals carefully. 

Once this is done, you can let your delegated person communicate with the caterer, provide feedback, and make any necessary changes. Let them make sure to confirm every tiny detail as your wedding day approaches. It will be great if your person will also handle the payments to the caterer.

Wedding cake


The wedding cake is the crown of the wedding day as it has to make it into the wedding images. There are many bakeries now that are being very creative in their wedding cake designs. Start by choosing a reputable bakery that has online reviews and recommendations from family and friends. 

Next, just like in catering, schedule consultations with the bakery to discuss your vision. Talk about the size, flavor, and design of your wedding cake. Provide details of your wedding relevant to the baker, such as the wedding date, location and time of delivery. 

Make sure to communicate your budget with your baker so they know what you can afford. From there, you can let whoever you have delegated to continue with whatever you need. Let them confirm delivery time and setup, provide their contact information and manage the check payment for the cake.



First thing to do here is to decide on your decorating vision. It will help you to decide the path you will take. Choose a trusted person such as a close family member or even a professional decorator. Make sure this person is reliable, responsible and understands your vision. Provide them with pictures or sketches, materials you want to use, placement of decorations and any other details.  

Give your decorator creative freedom once you have shared your vision. Remember you trust them, trust their judgment and let them make decisions on their own since they want your day to be perfect just as much as you do. Set a clear budget and ask them to work within it, provide support and periodically check in to see how things are going.

Music and entertainment

Determine the type of music and entertainment you would like to have. Do you want a band or a dj? What is your genre of music? What kind of guests are you having and what kind of special entertainment acts you want for the reception. Set your budget so it can be easier to choose between the DJ or the band. 

Let your trusted music delegate deal with everything else from there. Schedule a meeting with your music provider and your delegate where you will discuss all relevant information. Provide guidance such as specific songs you would like played during the ceremony. Check in periodically and confirm the details with your chosen music provider.

Invitations and RSVPs


Create a guest list including their names and addresses, with any other personal details that would be relevant to the invitations. Choose a person you can trust to be organized such as a family member or let your wedding planner. Work with your delegate to choose the perfect wedding invitations like designing custom invitations.

Provide all the stamps, envelopes, invitation cards and anything else needed for mailing. Set a deadline for the RSPVs and make sure your delegate knows they are responsible for following up with those who haven’t responded. Keep the communication lines open and avail yourself for any questions about the guests they may have.

Hair and make-up


Take your time and choose a trusted professional who has a good reputation and experience working with brides. Ask for referrals from friends, or other brides from social media whose style you adored. Once you have narrowed down to who you would like to go with, schedule a trial run to test out their skills to ensure their style matches your own. Bring photos of hairstyles and makeup you would like.

Communicate early on about your preferences on the day of the wedding. Give them a schedule of the days events to know when to arrive and when they would be needed. Once you have made all the choices, let your delegate handle communications with the artist.


This is a job best suited for your best man. Determine your transportation needs such as how many guests need to be transported, number of vehicles needed and what type of vehicles you prefer. Research transport providers looking for reputable companies with experience for the hassles for the weddings. 

Check their availabilities and their prices and make sure to compare with other companies and get the best possible deal. Communicate your expectations to your best man, set your budget and let him do the rest. Keep in touch with him, and provide them with any last-minute changes or updates such as changes in pick-up times.

Day-of coordination


Choose someone you trust to manage and ensure everything runs smoothly, preferably a professional event manager. Discuss with them your expectations and explain the timeline, vendors, and any special requests you may have. Let your coordinator understand the vision you have for your day. 

Hand over your phone to your best man or maid of honor to answer any calls or text messages that may come from your vendors. They will relay all need to know information to you. Task your maid of honor with timekeeping duties as well. They will let you know when you need to move as they are close to you at all times.

Delegate these tasks on your wedding day and you will surely have a relaxed day to focus on your happiness and the fact that you are starting your family.