10 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas You'll Love

Wedding decorations are an important aspect of any wedding celebration but they can rack up the bill quite high. On average, wedding decorations can cost an average about $2500, ranging from centerpieces to entire themes. Fortunately, there are many ways to create a beautiful and elegant wedding on a budget.

From incorporating nature into your décor to repurposing items you already have, these 10 budget-friendly decorating ideas will help you save money while creating a memorable and romantic atmosphere for your special day.

Use Balloons


Balloons are affordable and festive as an addition to any wedding décor. They can be used as an accent, where you can tie them to signage or use them to mark spaces like gift tables. You can purchase unique patterns or spruce up the standard style with something like confetti. 

Another way to use decorative balloons is as a wedding backdrop by creating a balloon wall or wedding arch. Try spherically shaped balloons instead of normal-shaped eggs or oversized tassel balloons. These giant balloons are inexpensive and a fun addition.

Use nature as your décor

natural-decor-for wedding

Take advantage of the natural beauty around you if you are getting married in an outdoor location, such as a garden or park. You can add greenery such as ferns and ivy can be used to create an elegant and natural atmosphere. 

If there are tree stumps or logs, use them as stands for flower arrangements or cake stands. Such simple touches can create an elegant and natural atmosphere for your wedding.

Try for a minimalistic look

At this time, minimalism is the new sophisticated. People have embraced the saying, “Less is more”. Simple, elegant decorations can create a refined atmosphere. Focus on a few key pieces, such as a unique backdrop or statement floral arrangement, and keep the rest of the décor minimalistic. 

Use candles


Candles are a cheap and affordable way to add a romantic touch to your wedding décor. This classic décor option can be utilized to bring both beauty and function to your ceremony. If you or your venue are worried about open flames, there are light bulbs that mimic candle flames so they are safe.

Have candles that are of different heights. You can use matching taper candles with mismatched, vintage candlesticks to add visual interest. You can also place them on a path or aisle so they can light the way. 

Another way to use candles is to light up an altar space for a warm and aesthetic look. You can also create a candle wall as a statement piece. 

DIY your decorations

You can make your own DIY wedding centerpieces using flowers, branches, or even fruits, although we don't recommend fruits very much due to their short shelf life. Although DIY wedding decorations seems like a good idea, it can also waste a lot of time to make which may defeat the purpose of saving money.

Instead, borrow from your neighbors whatever DIY decorations you may need. It will be cheaper since you can return them instead of boxing up cheap decorations. Check out some DIY options that any couple may and can pull off



Drapery is a great way to provide a dramatic yet cost-effective curtain decoration for your wedding. You may start by going white and using white drapes on the tables and furniture. You can mix the white color with a metallic accent. The best part is you can easily hire these on the cheap.

Ceiling drapes add a beautiful mood to an occasion. Many cultures have used this method for decorations and so can you. You can use them as backdrop curtains but ensure that the style you choose will not affect the items you will need for installation. 

Use food as décor


Display fruits or vegetables in a decorative way on a platter or basket to add color to your décor. Tablescape design is affected by the food choice and the design you choose. Speak with your florist about your plans so your food does not clash with the food. 

Another way is to create a dessert table. Some desserts such as cupcakes and cookies can be displayed decoratively. A cheese display can also add sophistication to your decorations. Use a variety of cheeses and add some fruit, bread, and crackers to complete the display. 

Choose a simple venue


Getting a simple and elegant venue can provide a lot of room for creativity. With fewer existing details to work around, your imagination can come to life and you can create a decor that screams, “This is totally me!” 

A barn or a garden or a backyard provides a blank canvas. Focus on adding a few key elements that will make a big impact such as floral arrangements or unique centerpieces.  

Use fairy lights


Fairy lights have a lot of diversity in their use for decorations. They can turn a simple wedding into a luxurious event. Fairy lights are known for the ambiance they create. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor events in a creative way. 

You can create a magical backdrop for your photoshoot with led lights for your photography session. You can enlist the help of your photographer for some professional advice. Your photographer will use it to create a blurry effect for magical images. 

You can also use the fairy lights as entrance decor to give a warm welcome to your guests. A first impression creates a lasting impression on the minds of your guests and gives the ambiance of a lively ceremony. Illuminate props such as antique items can make a huge difference to your wedding vibe.

Fairy lights that are battery-powered can also be used to light up wedding centerpieces. They are cheap and can easily be bought at a local store. The lights can also be put in a glass jar to act as lanterns. Have a vision for what you would like and you could achieve the wedding of your dreams. 

Shop around for decorations

Last but not least, compare prices from different shops or websites to find the best deals for your decorations. Planning for your wedding means you start by shopping for off-season decorations to save money as the prices tend to be lower. 

Keep an ear out for sales at party supply stores for they may offer discounts on specific items. Visit discount stores such as whatever version of Walmart and Target you have in your country. 

You can shop for items such as vases, candles, and table runners for very little money. It is best to look for decorations you can reuse after your wedding. Saving money does not mean you do not get your dream wedding, but you do not have to break the bank. 

Enjoy and be creative!