How To Choose The Perfect Wedding-Day Shoe

A pair of wedding shoes is probably the most sentimental footwear you will ever buy. You may have done your research hunting for that perfect pair and gotten frustrated with all the choices. Yet being a special day, wearing your dream pair of shoes will actually make the day more special.

Worry not! This has happened to most brides and it will keep happening for a long time. In this article, we will go through the types of shoes, and factors to consider before buying your shoes. 

Types Of Shoes To Wear.

Stiletto Heels

white stiletto heels for wedding

A stiletto heel is a shoe with a long, thin, high heel with varying heights from three inches to six or even eight inches tall. This heel is the embodiment of sexiness, yet it can be a challenge to wear if you are not used to walking in them. 

The stiletto heel best loved for making one more feminine, can be the first thought you have when thinking of wedding shoes. They are best for firm, non-slippery ground to avoid injuries.  

Ballet Flats

bejeweled ballet flats

Probably the most comfortable of all women's shoes, ballet flats have little to no heel. It is a shoe for women of all ages and statues. Ballet flats can be worn with everything from casual wear to formal wear. This is therefore the perfect flat shoe to wear without compromising beauty, comfort, and functionality.  


The wedge heel is a shoe with a heel in the shape of a wedge. Unlike the stiletto which is sharp and pointy, wedges have more surface area and are able to offer more support and comfort for you. Being that there are many variations of the wedge, the most common is the platform wedge, closed-toe wedge, t-straps wedge, and ankle strap wedge. 

Court Shoe

white wedding pumps

Also known as pumps, this shoe has a low-cut front best for brides of all ages. Court shoes have a low heel and can be worn with formal or informal clothes. If you want comfort and formality, then you can definitely have these shoes as your go-to wedding shoe.


These are the perfect shoe if you are going to a highly hyped reception party and need to be free. Primarily made for sports, a lot of design has gone into making sneakers for events. Being that there are too many options to go with, your dress and personal style will help you decide on your sneaker.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Wedding Shoes.

There are so many factors to consider before buying your shoes. From your wedding venue to what you want in your wedding pictures. However, the most important factor is whether you feel pretty and happy. The point of your wedding day is to enjoy and celebrate your relationship's new step. 

The following essential tips will help you avoid mistakes that may not be obvious. 


The best way to figure out your shoe is to time your shoe shopping with dress shopping. Have a feel for your dress with your shoes already with you. This way, you get to break both of them in. Many brides have sworn that timing is the only thing that saved them from a bad purchase. 

Your height Against Your Husband to Be

wedded couple in an open field

Your wedding pictures are the only keepsake you will be left with after your wedding day is over. Many brides have been worried about their height against their husbands in the wedding images. 

In the event that you are of the same height as your husband, you may not want to be taller than him in the pictures. In this case, you can get ballet flats or low-heeled wedge heels. Flat sneakers or Converse can also do if that is the type of girl you are.

On the other, if your husband is too tall, you can wear high-heeled shoes such as stilettos or court shoes. This can help reduce the obvious height difference between you and your husband.

Wedding dress

woman in wedding dress and boots

Your wedding dress can also affect your choice of shoe by design. You may want your shoe to look like your wedding dress or its pattern to blend with your dress. You can also have custom heels for your wedding dress. Consider however the reusability of the shoe if it is important to you. 


Your venue will play a huge role in the shoe you choose. If you are having a beach wedding or outdoor wedding, a stiletto heel would be impractical to buy. Look at your surrounding environment to make the best decision. Sandals or ballet flats would go great for outdoor weddings.


comfortable wedding wedges

Above all other factors to consider while buying shoes, comfort takes precedence. Your ability to walk, dance, stand, and actually enjoy yourself is all that matters. The good thing is that people are not focused on your shoes so DO YOU!! 

I know of a bride who decided to have custom-made Converse shoes just for her wedding and they were beautiful!! She decided to do what made her happy, with support from her fiancé.

Wear them Again

Go with shoes that you can get more than one wear out of them. Just like the bride with Converse shoes, she was able to wear the shoes for three years later. Maybe you are thinking “I want six-inch Louboutin's for my special day”. That's okay as long as you know you have somewhere to wear them again.

Sentimental Value

Sentimental Value may tramp over buying shoes you can wear again, and that is why it is my last factor. I have found myself buying shoes just to put them in a glass box to preserve a memory. It is human nature to get attached to items and possessions. 

If you have your wedding book and the shoes you want are not wearable twice, yet they make you happy, then get them. You probably will only get married once so it is now or never. Follow your heart love. Pop over to our site and fall in love with our collections.