The Allure Of A Black Wedding Dress

White wedding gowns have dominated the wedding scene for decades. However, over the years, brides have started embracing individuality and non-traditional methods of doing weddings. Part of that change has been the color of the bride’s wedding gowns.

In this article, I will explore the allure of a black wedding dress and why this dress is an absolute statement!

The symbolism of the Black Color

Being elegant and sophisticated, black is a traditional and timeless hue that conveys sophistication and style. A black wedding dress may be edgy and strong when worn with the appropriate accessories and makeup. 

Black is also known for its formality. Black-tie weddings are formal occasions with a set mood of refinement and elegance. In addition, black is the hue of mystery and the unknown, making it suitable for a gothic-themed wedding. Wearing black may be a way to emphasize the ambiguity of the future while appreciating the current moment.     

History of The Black Wedding Dress  

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Any color for a wedding dress was an acceptable choice in the 1800s. The darker the dress's color, the better the choice for a wedding dress. Black dresses were more common for they could be worn more than once and did not get dirty. Another occasion where a black dress was worn was when the bride was marrying a widower. 

This was a form of mourning for his first wife. Although some people had superstitions about wearing a black dress such as it was a bad omen, that was not what led to the decrease in popularity of this dress. Queen Victoria, in 1840, decided to get married in a sparkling white dress.

Her dress made such a huge wave that the nobles started getting married in white dresses as a show of their prosperity. Soon, everyone started to follow suit, and by the 1870s, most brides got married in white gowns. Later, a white gown was seen to represent purity which is still being used to date. 

Can I Choose A Black Wedding Dress?

black sexy dress on beautiful woman

Certainly! Seeing that the white dress gained its popularity from being worn by a celebrity, wearing a black dress is simply going back to your roots. Back to practicability and a good sense of money spending. Depending on your situation and culture, a black dress can be perfect for you.

Break Stereotypes

White for the wedding dress is our current tradition and stereotypes. Almost every culture on earth with a ‘white wedding’ visualizes a white wedding gown. This stereotype has made it such that wedding gowns of any other color may symbolize a lack of purity. 

Wearing a black dress is the ultimate show of uniqueness and individuality. Express yourself in a color that makes you happy for you. Millennials and Gen-Z are notorious for their individuality and the world is changing alongside them.


A black gown for your wedding is bound to be less expensive since any dress that is branded for weddings is more expensive in perpetuity. If you are on a limited budget and still craving individuality, choose a beautiful black dress and wear that. 

You can wear this dress again and again which validates its purchase, especially being that you are on a budget. 

The allure of a black wedding dress

Consequently, what is it about black wedding gowns that appeal to people? One is that they are unquestionably eye-catching and daring. A sense of mystery, refinement, and elegance are all conveyed by the color black. 

It gives a distinctive and memorable style when worn as a wedding dress, which is guaranteed to get noticed. Black wedding gowns also have the benefit of being adaptable. Depending on the bride's tastes and the wedding's theme, they might be dressed up or down. 

beautiful back wedding dress

Black gowns may be accessorized with classic wedding elements like lace, pearls, and crystals to create a timeless and elegant aesthetic. To create a more current and contemporary aesthetic, they may also be combined with edgier embellishments like studs, leather, and metal.

Black gowns also photograph better! Unlike the white gowns in outdoor weddings, the black gown looks incredible in pictures since it does not reflect light. You can be sure of incredible images to remember this beautiful day with. 


Black is a beautiful, powerful, sophisticated color with an amazing allure to it. This timeless dress can be your statement of individuality and defiance to do only what your heart desires. 

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