Discover the Perfect Wedding Pets and Breeds for Your Unforgettable Day

Welcome to Solid Charm, your one-stop shop for anything related to weddings! We think including pets in your big day brings a deeper level of happiness and significance to the festivities. These cherished pets, which range from obedient dogs to beautiful cats and even more surprising species, definitely make your wedding special.

In this post, we'll look at the many types of pets that are frequently brought to weddings and discuss particular breeds within each category. Prepare to make priceless memories as we help you on your enchanted quest to select the ideal wedding pet.

Dogs - Loyal Companions

We honor dogs as the leading examples of pets allowed at weddings because of their extraordinary connection to humans. They become the ideal companions on your big day because of their steadfast allegiance and upbeat attitude. Imagine a Golden Retriever, Labrador, or Poodle elegantly making their way down the aisle and winning the hearts of your guests. 

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Not only can these gregarious and amiable breeds provide delight, but they may also be trained to carry rings or make lovely aisle escorts. If you're searching for a little sweetness and excitement, smaller breeds like French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, and Chihuahuas readily take the spotlight. Imagine them wearing beautiful wedding attire as they go down the aisle to add even more enchantment. 

You may pick breeds that are at ease among people and can manage the excitement of a wedding, as our Solid Charm specialists can promise you. These tiny darlings will have a wonderful day with the right socialization, training, and assigned handler.

Graceful Elegance of Cats

We're here to assist you if you're mesmerized by the grace and mysticism of cats and want to include them in your wedding celebration. These independent and beautiful creatures, in our opinion at Solid Charm, provide a distinctive charm to your special day. 

wedding couple holding a cat

Imagine a noble Ragdoll or a stately Maine Coon being carried down the aisle or otherwise bringing a sense of refinement to your event. For the most daring, Bengals or Abyssinians can take part in your wedding picture session or serve as symbolic witnesses when you sign your marriage license. The intriguing characteristics of these breeds help to generate remarkable occasions. 

To make sure your feline buddy feels safe and at ease throughout the celebrations, our experts advise speaking with an animal behaviorist. You may make sure they are content throughout the day by giving them a peaceful, secure place to retreat to.

The Symbolic Beauty of Birds 

The symbolic beauty that birds contribute to wedding festivities is something we at Solid Charm admire. The most well-liked option is a dove, which stands for faithfulness, love, and peace. Imagine them being released after the wedding, signifying the beginning of your new life together. 

wedding couple releasing doves

Lovebirds, which are renowned for their intense pair bonding, can be incorporated into ornamental cages or even wedding décor to represent the intense love you two have. Get ready to be awed by the parrots! These colorful and perceptive critters might provide some pleasant surprises to your celebration. 

Imagine leaving your guests in awe by having a trained parrot recite your vows or deliver important messages. Keep in mind that the well-being of these birds should be prioritized, according to our Solid Charm specialists. Their participation depends on proper socialization, training, and the creation of a pleasant environment.

Other Unique Touches 

We at Solid Charm like adding distinctive touches to your wedding festivities. Think of how happy your guests will be when a cute rabbit acts as the ring bearer or adds charm to your engagement photographs. Smaller animals, like guinea pigs and hamsters, can be pleasant gifts for your loved ones or part of your wedding décor. 

wedding couple kissing with goats in the background

To guarantee the safety of these little creatures, our experts encourage you to handle them with caution and confine them to safe spaces. Larger animals like horses, llamas, or goats may help couples planning outdoor or farm-themed weddings create a genuinely special experience. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride or use one in your pre-wedding picture sessions. 

Make llamas or goats your entertaining companions so that your visitors will remember your event forever. Remember to ensure that the venue permits the presence of these larger animals and that they are handled responsibly throughout the day.

Tips and Considerations 

At Solid Charm, we recognize the value of a perfect wedding day. We offer some crucial advice for including dogs in your festivities so that everything goes smoothly and magically. Prioritize your beloved friend's comfort and well-being first and foremost throughout the day.

They will be well-behaved if sufficient training and socialization are provided. It's essential to choose a dependable handler or pet sitter who can attend to your pet's requirements throughout the ceremony. Prioritize their safety and comfort while selecting wedding dresses and accessories. 

Make a place where your pet can hide out when they need a break that is safe and peaceful. Finally, talking with wedding experts that focus on ceremonies and locations that welcome pets will take your special day to a whole new level. At Hitched, our goal is to make your wedding day flawless.


At Solid Charm, we think that including pets in weddings may help guests make lifelong memories. The delight they may provide is limitless, whether you pick dogs, cats, birds, or even more unusual creatures. Following our professional advice and taking into account certain breeds within each category will help you create a seamless and memorable experience for you and your four-legged companions. Accept the love and joy that pets offer, and allow them to have a special part in your wedding festivities.

Visit Solid Charm today to explore our collection of wedding dresses and accessories, and let us help you make your dream wedding a reality.


What To Know When Including Pets At Your Wedding