Tips: Buying a Wedding Dress Online

More and more brides to be are turning to online shopping for their wedding dresses. The reasons range from affordability to selection. If you are thinking of ordering your wedding dress online, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are some tips for the online wedding dress shopper.

1. Shipping Time: Chances are when you shop at an actual wedding dress chain store, you won’t walk out with your dress same day. The store takes down the style and size info and sends it to their manufacturing warehouse. The dress is then shipped to the store or made and then shipped (depending on if they have the dress in your size pre-made or not). This process can take 2 to 5 weeks on average. Keep in mind that the same thing applies to online stores. Most dresses take 2 to 5 weeks to arrive to your door. Ordering your dress at least 6 weeks in advance is recommended.

2. Size: Wedding dresses, on average, run small. Usually about one size. When ordering online, the same is true. It is important to order at least one size up. Since most dresses purchased online are made-per-order, few vendors offer return options due to size. There are several that allow you to custom order based on measurements you take at home. It is still recommended that you leave room for deviation. You can always have a dress altered to a smaller size, but not always to a larger size.

3. Corset/ Lace-up Back: It is reported that women that are the most satisfied with wedding dresses purchased online, bought a dress that had a lace up or corset back closure. This is due to the fact that with those types of dresses, you have room for adjustments. If you are truly nervous about buying a dress online, then it is recommended that you purchase one with this type of back.

4. Style: Online shopping usually offers the biggest selection of wedding dress styles, but what if you have no idea what style you want? Easy! Make an appointment at your local wedding dress chain store and try each style. It is very easy to find a dress online that is almost identical to one you find in store…for less than half the price.

5.Quality: Many women are turned off to the idea of buying a wedding dress online due to horror stories they have heard about women receiving low quality dresses. This is why it is important to find a business online that looks professional, uses verified suppliers, and is based in the USA. This reduces the risk of you getting a dress made of low-quality material. That being said, prices online are much cheaper than in store, but be reasonable with your expectations. If you pay $30 for a wedding gown, it likely won’t be made of the finest chiffon. Expect to pay between $150 and $350 for a good quality dress online.

6. Price: Online businesses have the advantage of having low overhead, and they pass the savings on to the consumer by offering a lower priced product. They don’t have all the costs of storefront space or a huge flock of employees to pay for. So, where you will pay $2500 for a wedding dress in store, online that dress is $300. Most in the wedding industry mark wedding dresses up 100% to 600% from the wholesale price.

7. Dress Origin: Another thing that causes women to turn away from online ordering is the fact that many dresses online come from China. The truth is, many of the dresses you get at a store are also manufactured and shipped from China. For most companies, online, or chain store, something is coming from oversees, whether it be the material, embellishments, or the entire product. This does not mean every product comes from China. Some dresses do come from US vendors, but expect to pay more for them, because manufacturing, materials, and production costs are much higher.

Wedding dress shopping is an important part of your wedding prep. You should consider all options when deciding on a dress. If your main priority is staying on budget, online may be the way to go.

Here at Solid Charm we take pride in our wedding dress selection. We research each supplier and select those who hold quality standards representative of our image and expectations. This means you don’t have to question quality when you shop with us.

We also offer online customer service. If you need help picking the perfect dress, our team acts as an online stylist, and will send you several options from our collection that match what you are looking for. If you have questions or concerns, our team is online to answer them. We answer online inquiries within 24 hours.

Solid Charm is a US based company. Our Corporate Office is located in Florida.