8 Most Popular Indoor Wedding Venues To Choose from

The number of possible wedding venues to choose from can be staggering. Depending on the vibe you want, your budget, and the dreams you envisioned for your wedding. Here are the most common wedding venues that you can use. 

House of Worship

Houses of worship are the most common choice for couples that are religious and would like to honor their religion. Using churches as an example, there are those that are built in mind to accommodate events like weddings. Church weddings are around 45% of all weddings planned and held.

People Inside a Church Witnessing a Wedding

To have a church wedding, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Different churches have different rules before they can do your wedding ceremony. Just like any other venue, you need to visit and check on its availability. Speak to the pastor or priest about your intention to get married in his or her church. 

It is best to choose a church where you have a connection, whether as an attendant or your family has a history with the church. As for the budget, it may range from $400- $700. This cost is to cover the use of the church, the vicar, and the wedding certificate. 

Banquet Hall

Banquet halls have been used to create some of the most iconic weddings of our time. From some of the greatest celebrity weddings, banquets are an easy pick for someone with the budget to afford the space. Fully equipped with everything one would need for a wedding, you can host both the ceremony and the reception. 

Photo of an Empty Banquet Hall Prepared for a Party

Having a team of in-house catering team, you may need to just share your vision. You still have a choice for outside catering if your venue allows it. In short, they are simply a convenient choice for providing a great experience for your guests.

Hotel or Resort

Hotels or resorts provide more service than banquet halls. Apart from having a space for the ceremony and reception, hotels have many added advantages. Depending on your budget, you can get different amenities and advantages.

If you have out-of-town guests, you can have them all in one location thus eliminating transport costs. Additionally, hotels offer space for your ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and even a photography shoot. Depending on how beautiful the hotel is, you can save money on decorations.   

Group of people on wedding banquet

Country Club

Beautifully manicured outdoor golf courses create a scenic view that makes for amazing wedding images. These facilities offer a great staff willing to serve, in-house catering, and lots of space to plan a dream wedding.

Make sure to check on the requirements of the country club before falling in love with the venue. Most country clubs require membership or sponsorship. Also, check for the budget requirements.     

Airbnb Rentals

Airbnbs are the most affordable places to host an intimate wedding where you control everything. With so many people offering immaculate apartments and houses, you can get married in the house of your dreams. It is important to check the terms of your rental lease.

You can be upfront about your intended use for the house, although some renters may charge you more. Just be respectful of the space, and clean up afterward. Vacation rentals are also a great choice besides Airbnb. You can get a great beach house to have a beautiful outdoor DIY wedding. 

castle for airbnb    


If you ever dreamt of having a grand wedding in a past kind of setting, then a castle would be the perfect choice. With the wave of “Bridgeton” and “Queen Charlotte”, even I dream of a huge royal castle wedding venue! With the historical architecture incorporated into the décor, you can get a nostalgic vintage vibe.

Loft/Modern Space

Get that modern industrial chic look for your wedding by going for a loft wedding venue. This venue is an opportunity to get creative from the ground up. The modern loft is a space to dust off your wedding binder and create your dream from a blank slate.

Incorporate the open space venue with the décor of the original venue to add some lighting, backdrops, and flowers as you wish.


Happy friends and newlywed couple celebrating wedding at a country club

A restaurant wedding venue is a great location for a nostalgic wedding. I love a good meet-cute restaurant story so why not have your wedding in one? If you are a foodie, incorporating your favorite restaurant into your wedding shows your appreciation.  

A restaurant is also a budget saver as this venue comes mostly decorated, with the food and drinks in the package. You may need a separate location to host the wedding rehearsals and maybe the reception. 


These are all great locations and the easiest way to book a wedding venue. May you have fun and enjoy every moment of planning for your wedding. We at Solid Charm are delighted to be part of your journey in providing you with information that will help you.


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